19" Wind Devas packaged in Clear Plastic Tube.  The Wind Deva is a fascinating acrylic spiral.  The Deva can be hung indoors or outdoors from the top or from the Bottom.  The hypnotic effect of the flowing Wind Deva is awesome!  Please note, the actual Wind Deva is much prettier in person - you cannot capture the grace and beauty of the Wind Deva in a photo.  Please see below for each color's description.

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American      Amythyst     Angel          Aqua         Gold        Ocean        Orange         Rainbow


   Ruby       Rose Pearl    Sapphire      Sea Pearl    Silver         Sky Pearl     Sun Pearl     Violet


The American Deva's furled flag design works with the spiral motion of the deva in a wonderful way: when it spins, it gives the illusion of several flags moving in the wind.

The Amethyst Deva is moody, evocative and mysterious, using vibrant violet hues to bring out the magic in any setting.

The Angel Deva's edges are deep blue and pink but its extraordinary character comes from the holographic glitter sprinkled throughout the body of the deva. It reflects brilliant rainbow colors whenever the sun strikes it.

The Aqua Deva will remind you of antique glass, with the subtle cast of cool green throughout, and a bold streak of emerald at the edges.

The Gold Deva is  made with gold lamé fabric.  This deva reflects the sun like a golden mirror, and offers a gleaming ray of light to your home or garden.

The Ocean Deva is as steady and soothing as the real thing; blues and greens swirl up and down the edges of a clear spiral. When it spins, a beautiful turquoise hue appears.

The word "orange" is not enough for this deva. Kids love it: the edges are bright enough to seem electrified, and the body of the Orange Deva has a hot fuschia cast to it when held up to the light.

The Rainbow Deva features a crystal interior and vibrant edges that follow the true spectrum as seen in mother nature's own gentle light show: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, all blended seamlessly from one to the next.

The Ruby Deva is  a red-lover's red, a scorching scarlet that looks as beautiful in a flower garden as it does in a bedroom window. Perfect for decorating around Christmas and as a special Valentine's Day gift.

The Rose Pearl Deva blends golds and roses for a uniquely warm effect.  The photo appears more orange, the Rose Pearl is a true pink pearlized color.

The Sapphire Deva balances the natural peacefulness of blue with an intensity that is striking. This is truly a beautiful sapphire-blue jewel of a deva.

The Sea Pearl Deva shimmers like the surface of the water: opalescent aqua tones will make you feel like you are sitting by the Sea.  This is by far our largest selling deva, so make sure it's part of your collection.

The Silver Deva brings a feeling of joy and celebration to any number of settings. Whether dressing up your home for the holidays, or bringing a cheery twinkle to a dull corner of the backyard, the Silver Deva provides a rich luster wherever it hangs. When it spins, the silver lamé fabric embedded in this deva amplifies the illusion of up and down motion more than any other deva.

The Sky Pearl Deva captures a magical early morning sky and those deep hues before sunset; blues and purples dance on the pearlescent surface of this deva, suggesting a feeling of warmth on your patio or deck, even in winter.

The Sun Pearl Deva provides a dazzling swirl of golds and greens in a pearlescent finish that gleams like the first daffodil of the season.

The Violet Deva has just a hint of indigo color throughout its length, but at its edges it gleams with a rich violet hue. Beautiful even on an overcast day, this deva is the most popular one in the Nature Color series.